CINQUETERRE Specialty Coffee

We firmly believe that, through a solid and synergistic partnership, we can achieve extraordinary results and help transform the coffee sector.

To carry out this project we have intertwined the strengths and skills of Earthspresso and Crastan Caffè to select the highest quality 100% Arabica coffee. Only specialty coffees to offer a superior taste experience and maximum transparency and sustainability.

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Peru Permaculture

Much more than just sustainable agriculture, permaculture is an integral vision that incorporates the full spectrum of human and natural elements: environment, energy, resources, buildings, communities, technology, education, art, spirituality, healthcare and more. It is solution-based thinking and an integrated design system that provides a realistic alternative for future sustainability. By creating resource-efficient and productive human environments, permaculture reduces our footprint on the Earth.

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Women's cooperatives

EarthSpresso sources coffee produced by women-run cooperatives around the world. The cultural heritage of coffee-growing communities often does not allow for the emancipation and independence of women. By promoting the work of women's cooperatives, we seek to facilitate much-needed change.

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