EarthSpresso is a project born in 2010 and it is now completed.

At the time, we needed every aspect to merge with the values behind our micro roastery.
Coffee from sustainable plantations. For peoples, for the environment and for animals. Reallocation of earnings in a fair and traceable way. Roasting with small but cutting-edge technological equipment to improve, in particular, power consumption restraint, air pollution decrease, and the quality of the coffee obtained.
The packaging is exclusively made of compostable or recyclable materials.

The ongoing projects involve several partnerships with organizations and associations that deal with social responsibility and environmental sustainability, both in Italy and in coffee producing countries.

We train and provide information to all the people who want to approach high-quality coffees.

The project for the near future, in which we are involved every day, is the creation of a micro roastery that produces more energy from renewable sources than it uses for its activity.

We are not stopping.

Our offer

Kenya Permaculture

It is with great satisfaction that we announce the partnership with Caleb Odondi Omolo's SVR East Africa. SVR East Africa promotes and teaches the techniques and philosophy of permaculture to the marginalized communities of East Africa. In the coming weeks we will offer you the range of coffees of this wonderful experience.


Peru Permaculture

Much more than just sustainable agriculture, permaculture is an integral vision that incorporates the entire spectrum of human and natural elements: environment, energy, resources, construction, community, technology, education, art, spirituality, health care and more. It is a solution-based way of thinking and an integrated design system that provides a realistic alternative for future sustainability. By creating resource-efficient and productive human environments, permaculture reduces our footprint on Earth.


Women's Cooperatives

EarthSpresso buys coffee produced by cooperatives run by women around the world. The cultural heritage of the communities that grow coffee often does not allow the emancipation and independence of women. By promoting the work of women's cooperatives, we seek to facilitate an indispensable change.

  • Cafeteria "Al 175" - Arcola (SP)

    "Coffee of exceptional value, for quality and respect for nature and people"