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Rwanda Cafè des Mamans - Women's Mill

Rwanda Cafè des Mamans - Women's Mill

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ORIGIN: Rwanda
PRODUCTION AREA: Tanda Hills, Gicumbi District, Northern Province
PRODUCER: Nova Coffee Rwanda
SPECIES: Arabica
VARIETY: Red Bourbon
ALTITUDE: 1850-1950 AD
SIEVE: 15/17
SCA SCORE: 88,25
CUP PROFILE: Sweet and fruity: strawberry, honey, blueberries. Full and round body. Bright and very complex acidity.


Welcome to the extraordinary world of Cafe de Mamans, a unique place where coffee is not just a drink, but a journey through the passion and commitment of Rwandan women. Thanks to Nova Coffee, we present a coffee that goes beyond taste: it is a story of hope and change.

Imagine tasting rich Bourbon Arabica, grown in the fascinating northern mountains of Rwanda, and feeling part of a global community of coffee lovers. Cafe de Mamans is not just coffee, it is a dream come to life, a dream that sees women and young farmers as the undisputed protagonists of the coffee industry.

But there's more. Every sip of our coffee represents a step towards gender equity, a tangible support for Rwandan women farmers who work tirelessly to ensure a better future for themselves and their families. Women, with their strength and resilience, are the pillar of families and communities, and we are proud to have and support the Cafe de Mamans project.

With over 2,800 farming families involved, the  Nova IKAWA SAWA (Sustainable Arabica and Women in Agriculture) it is not only a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, but also a step towards increasing women's income in agriculture. And when you choose their coffee, you do more than have a unique experience: you become part of a mission, to create a bright future for Rwanda, one coffee at a time.

Join us on this extraordinary journey. Choose Cafe de Mamans, and taste the difference you can make in the world, one cup of coffee at a time!

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