CINQUETERRE SPECIALTY COFFEE and the value of sustainability

We want celebrate beauty and nature, protect the environment and promote its conservation, here and in coffee-producing countries. Our goal is a More sustainable world.

Sustainability is a mission and a long road that we try to trace step by step.

We do this by selecting coffee from each day plantations who share ours ethics and they care about it quality, inclusiveness and respect for the territory, and we use environmentally friendly packaging, minimizing the use of plastic.

In particular, regarding the capsule, we decided to use the best compostable material In circulation. Too often on our beaches we have found aluminum or plastic capsules. We are not here!

Beyond, we said.


We want the coffee in your cup to talk

With this project we decided to go beyond, and even more inside, in depth.

For us, this means being able to give you the most important information about the coffee you drink. To do this, we maintain a short supply chain, trading directly with the producer as much as possible, without intermediaries.

We offer you a product of quality, transparent It is traceable, so transparent as to be able to tell you a story: that of its territory. About this, on our packages you will find numerous information about the producer, the plantation, the coffee processing practices and the area where it is grown. Furthermore, in each product sheet on the site you will find all the information that we have not been able to report on the package!


Specialty coffee: what it means for this project

For us "specialty coffee" means to go beyond, is an idea of ​​change. But it cannot be reduced to just being a gourmet coffee.

We have spent months selecting the best specialty coffees to offer you not just a good coffee, but a real one taste experience, capable of taking a journey in your hands, in your cup.

In this journey there are the places, the people, their sweat and daily effort, there is a whole ecosystem that we want to be protected, in which the plantations enter as much as possible "on tiptoe" and respect, indeed defend, all the creatures that inhabit it.

By bringing these values ​​with it, the story of specialty coffee, between one gustatory note and another, can really be something more.

Come and discover the cafes