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Peru "Lupuna" Permaculture

Peru "Lupuna" Permaculture

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In the heart of the Amazon forest we meet a gigantic tree: it is up to 70 meters tall, has a trunk of more than 3 meters and enormous roots.

It's spectacular. It is the lupuna, a majestic tree of the Malvaceae family.

Considered by the Maya to be a magical plant, as if it were the link between the spirits of heaven and those of the earth, the tree species has been linked to a thousand and more legends since time immemorial. And in all the stories it is always a sacred presence to be respected and protected.

The lupuna is among the trees which form, with their foliage, a green cradle in the upper part of the rainforest to welcome insects, amphibians, toucans, monkeys, orchids, climbing plants and everything that seeks sunlight to survive. It therefore has a role, if not exactly 'magic', certainly fundamental in the Amazonian forest ecosystem.

In the Oxapampa Reserve a grandiose lupuna at the entrance to the coffee plantation gives its name to the entire area called, therefore, At Lupuna. The coffee that the indigenous community grows there is also dedicated to the splendid plant.

Yanesha farmers take care of the precious seedlings according to the principles of permaculture, ensuring the conservation of the original native characteristics and the protection of natural biodiversity in the Reserve.

The huge wolf seems to be there to protect the fruits of the earth and all the living beings that revolve around it. Its shadow extends over the plantation and contributes to the growth, fortification and intensification of the properties that we will find in the brown beans.

EarthSpresso Lupuna coffee, with its balanced full-bodied profile, invites you to feel the vital energy of the 'magic' tree of the Maya. Its flavour, with caramel, vanilla and fruity notes, transmits the strength and vigor of the Amazonian giant.


Region: Oxapampa

Altitude: 1,850 mt

Variety: Catimor, Catui, Caturra, Gran Colombia, Costa Rica 95, Pace

Profile of the cup: delicate body, caramel aroma, sweet and fruity acidity, flavors of caramel, brown sugar, vanilla and molasses.

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