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Peru "Miel De La Selva" Permaculture

Peru "Miel De La Selva" Permaculture

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In the Pasco region, the hills of the Andean plateau surround the suggestive lagoon of El Oconal.

Not far away, the waters of the El Leon waterfall resound, clear nature in the forests of the Amazon forest.

We are in Villa Rica and here coffee is at the center of life so much so that in the summer, in July, the Coffee Festival and the quality grown in the area by the Yanesha people has obtained the Designation of Origin.

Today local farmers have the organization at their side 7Elements Perù with its courses and active support for the use of bio-cultivation techniques and environmental sustainability with the aim of conserving and regenerating the Amazonian ecosystem.

Miel de la Selva is produced on a farm, a historic 'finca' held by the same family for over a hundred years: the single-origin specialty is all grown on this plantation and here processed using the honey.

The name is only a reference to the type of processing, nothing to do with real honey.

In fact, after harvesting, the ripe coffee drupes, once the peel is opened, are left to dry in the sun and gradually mixed. The external pulp that remains in contact with the grains, the honey, is a foam rich in acids and sugars which is slowly absorbed.

This is how beans inebriated by sweet fruity aromas are born, an interweaving of flavors and variety of characters for a coffee with an incredible natural sweetness with contrasting notes of cocoa and flowers.

The complexity of the tones of the Specialty Coffee Earthspresso Miel de la Selva tells of the slow progress from its origins, the intense and long post-harvest care.

A unique story because it is deeply linked to the knowledge of the farmer who gives birth, grows and matures.

Harvest after harvest, quality and passion, delicacy and strength.

Region: Oxapampa

Variety: Red Bourbon

Altitude: 1650 mt

Profile of the cup: aromas of ripe and sweet fruits; acidity fruity, citric; taste of ripe berries, raisins, cherries and chocolate.

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