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Costa Rica Organic Specialty Coffee - Lot " The flavor of nature"

Costa Rica Organic Specialty Coffee - Lot " The flavor of nature"

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In the heart of San Ramón, Costa Rica, near the clouds, between the buzzing of bees, the singing of birds and the springs of pure water, there is a beautiful small organic and self-sufficient farm, producer of bio coffee, Lecanto.
Their coffee is grown, harvested and processed in a totally certified organic way. In its production, sustainability practices are applied such as the use of solar energy, the use of organic production factors produced within the farm and the crystal clear water of its springs.
In a cup of our coffee you will find citrus, floral and chocolate flavors, due to the interaction of different crops that are part of the organic farm.
Lecanto, more than a coffee, is the song of nature, an exquisite aroma in your cup.

What makes them different

Social responsability:

At Lecanto they consider each of their employees as part of the family. Every person who works and helps prepare, maintain and harvest the coffee benefits from all the fair labor guidelines provided by the Costa Rican government. During the harvest season, they pay their workers according to the hours they work and not the kilograms harvested, allowing them to harvest the best quality coffee beans and protect the plant. They also keep our workers all year round to work with them on different farm activities. With these measures they guarantee them the possibility to progress and to help other members of the community as well.

Environmental Responsibility:

In Lecanto they are considered part of nature and for this reason all  processes are designed and implemented with minimal impact on the environment. They are certified organic with two different bodies (USDA Organic, Organic certified by Kiwa) which follow European and US guidelines. They use solar energy to power all processes on the farm and use and protect the water from their sources. They are proud to protect nature on their farm.

Quality and safety:

They consider their coffee as a food, therefore they follow all the guidelines of the Good Agricultural Practices. The coffee is processed in food grade stainless steel machinery and containers and then dried in African beds in a dedicated greenhouse with blue ceilings that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. When the coffee beans are ready, they store them in Grainpro bags and store them in their own dedicated warehouse on the farm, which maintains a temperature of between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius all year round.

VILLAGE: Costa Rica

SPECIES: Arabica
VARIETY: F1 Central American, Arabic, Central America
PRODUCTION AREA: San Ramón, Alajuela
ALTITUDE: 1.150 – 1.200 m
SIEVE: 17/18

SCA SCORE: 85,75

Profile of the cup: hints that are very reminiscent of green apple, kiwi, lychee together with rhubarb, cranberry and lemon in the finish. Very fresh and with light herbaceous notes in the finish, it has medium-high acidity and a very rich body.

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