Sustainable Village Resources Kenya is an Afican organization focused on restoring lost livelihoods by creating natural and agro-ecological ecosystems. SVR is a perfect example of how a multi-level, socially focused permaculture project can have far-reaching effects in the community.

SVR Kenya was founded by Caleb Odondi Omolo, a professional agro-ecologist and regenerative ecosystem restoration expert with a background in environmental ecology. He worked with Platform for Sustainable Land Use from 2009-2011 where he is currently a board member. He then worked at the Permaculture Institute of Kenya as a consultant until 2015.

The purpose of the organization is to train marginalized communities on regenerative agriculture using permaculture ethics and principles to ensure transition out of poverty and increased food production, socio-economic stability, and environmental conservation.

What better partner for us at EarthSpresso who founded a company on these principles.

Their work and dedication give us a washed Kenya AA from Kisii province with a spectacular flavor profile: a wonderful balance of body and acidity, hints of red fruits and blackberries with a lingering aftertaste.

We directly import the coffee that Caleb and his community produce and we support their inestimable work by providing funding and equipment to increase the acreage converted to permaculture and to engage as many farmers as possible in the practice.

We have created a long-term partnership that will allow other projects to emerge in other African countries.